Business Planning

With a solid business plan on your side, you can focus on other important nuances of running a successful business and worry less about any financial threats you are faced with.

Life Insurance

EAS views life insurance as the most basic cornerstone of most any financial portfolio. Providing that immediate security to a family at the time of loss is critical to a successful plan. As your life insurance broker, it seeks to help you choose the best plan of action in order to fully utilize your living benefits.

Retirement Planning

EAS believes that income planning is the most essential piece of the retirement planning puzzle. Currently, your lifestyle is secure because a paycheck guarantees money every month. Naturally, when you are no longer working, you will need to replace that income, and this is where a retirement plan can ease your mind.

Estate Planning

Conservation of principal and retaining control of one’s estate is critical in the planning process. Taking care of your estate while you are still living is an enormous gesture on your part and alleviates your loved ones from this additional burden during what will be an already difficult time.

401(k) Services

Not many people realize the flexibility of a 401(k) and what it can do for them. Especially if you’ve changed jobs over the years, you will need a professional experienced in 401(k)’s to guide you on your path.

Tax Planning Services

Knowing and understanding the tax implications on a portfolio or investment plan is critical to the preservation of capital. Our CPA’s and Advisors can walk our clients through difficult tax planning questions.